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Anime Friends only banners
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Welcome! I've noticed there is alot of anime communitys for icons or colorbars but none for fo banners! So I decided to make one. ^^;

Note: You may also post icons or any other banners. You also can use manga, games, jrock/jpop; not just all Anime. ^-^


1. Please put all banners under LJ-cut.
2. ANY banners or icons that contain yaoi, yuri, or het that could be classed as R-Rated must be placed under an LJ-Cut. Some people access this community from schools, or their place of work, and it should be made safe for them to do so. Also, there are minors who access this community, and regardless of what they choose to read, equally they should be protected from anything unsuitable should they choose not to.
3. Particpation is a must. Please don't join and then never look at this place again. Post banners, post comments, just make sure you particpate.
4. Be respectful of others. Anyone that makes abusive comments to another member, either a personal attack, or an attack on their icons, will be warned, and if the matter continues, banned and reported to Livejournal staff.
5. You may give little links to other communities related to fo banners, icons or Anime. But do not only post that and do not make it a huge picture linking to it, you will be warned once, then banned.
6. You may make requests! But put images under lj-cut, and wait for somebody to reply offering to do your request.
(Some rules taken from animeicons.)

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