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[20 Dec 2009|06:17pm]

009// -- Final Fantasy 12
008// -- Final Fantasy 10

005// -- Miscellaneous FF Friends Only Banners


HERE @ genovacore
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Banner Request [09 Nov 2009|11:01pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi! My name is Kilee I'm new to this community (obviously). I was looking through some entries and saw the FO banners were amazing. I was wondering if I couls request an FO banner.

Below under the cut I have a few pictures from two different animes.

Pictures HereCollapse )

Thank you!
And of course who ever make is, I will credit you and have a link to this community.
You don't have to make them all, I just gave options. :)

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[19 Aug 2008|10:05pm]


[04] Vampire Knight
[05] CLAMP; X/1999, TRC
[05] Final Fantasy; Advent Children, X
[01] Kingdom Hearts II
[01] Uwasa no Midori-kun
[01] Black Cat
[01] La Corda d' Oro
[01] Shinshi Doumei Cross
[04] Miscellanous [no idea what series]

Over here @ zaganuk
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old FO banners [03 Aug 2008|05:22pm]

[ mood | bored ]

ok i am purging my photobucket and came across a bunch of old friends only banners that i stole from numerous places and a few i had made for me bad when i was all gothy and depressed and blagh. i thought i"ld post them to see if anyone wants them go ahead and take them. only FO bannersCollapse )

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Friends Only Banner: Tactics [01 May 2008|08:54pm]

So, it's been quite a while since I updated my art journal. But anyway, on to the banner!

What? Friends Only Banner
Fandom: Tactics
Characters: Ichinomiya Kantarou, Haruka, Muu-chan

Here @ artistic_side 

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[30 Apr 2008|04:04pm]

→ 57 total
→ 12 Air Gear
→ 13 Bleach
→ 9 Goong
→ 6 Naruto
→ 5 Ouran Host Club
→ 11 Misc. {3 Blood Plus; 2 D.Gray-man; 3 Fullmetal Alchemist (doujinshi); 2 Vampire Knight; 1 Sailor Moon}
→ 1 FO banner

(click the falsehood)
and since the community is new why not join?
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[06 Nov 2007|05:49pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi! *is new here D8* My name is Ren and obviously I am new. x_x

I was wondering if anyone can make me a fo banner with this picture I found on photobucket.

I would really appreciate it! Thank you! :3

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oo2 [05 Sep 2007|12:53am]


[Air Gear] x o6 [エア・ギア]
[Bleach] x o2 [ブリーチ]
[Card Captor Sakura] x 1o [カードキャプターさくら]
[D.Gray-man] x o6
[Inu Yasha] x 1o [犬夜叉]
[Naruto] x o3 [ナルト]
[Tales of Symphonia] x o6 [テイルズ・オブ・シンフォニア] x o2 [FO Banners]
[Tsubasa Chronicle] x o8 [ツバサ・クロニクル]
[Vampire Knight] x o2

[total] x 53 x 2 [FO banners]

here @ omoi_chan
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[18 Jul 2007|09:29pm]

[o4] x Bleach [ ブリーチ ]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket [o1] FO banner
[o2] x Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora [ 京四郎と永遠の空 ]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket [o1] FO Banner
[o4] x Devil May [Cry [ デビル メイ クライ ]
[o2] x Hot Gimmick
[o9] x Nobuta wo Produce [ 野ブタをプロデュース ]
[o5] x Kamenashi Kazuya [ 亀梨和也 ]
[o3] x Yamapi
[о5] x Miyavi
[34] x Total
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket [o2] FO Banners

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[13 Jun 2007|11:33am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello ^_^

I'm updating my journal froma Pretear theme to what I think I would like to be either a Juri/Locket theme from Revolutionary Girl Utena or a Pacifica Kazul theme from Scrapped Princess.

The Juri theme I want to be deep, rich, and agnsty while the Pacifica theme I think I want to be calm but perplexed, kind of like she's deep in thought and the wind could carry her away while it blows across her face. She doesn't have to be sad just pensive.

Does anyone have any images that I can use or that you can format for a friends only banner and also possibly a film strip type theme along the edge. I'm not quite sure about the film strip theme so any medium sized images will do.

Thanks so much!

Feel free to check out my current journals layout to get a sense of my style. Its pretty um Romantic meets simple, I guess... ^_^

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[03 Jan 2007|09:08pm]

[4]Friends Only banners
[2]Yu-Gi-Oh [Dark Yugi, Jonochi, Anzu, Honda, Bakura]
[1]D.N.Angel [Daisuke, Riku, Risa, Dark]
[1]Prince of Tennis [Ryoma, Ryoga]

fake cut
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17 FO banners [18 Sep 2006|12:05pm]

Inuyasha (13)
Honey & Clover (3)
Arina Tanemura (1)

All here at my journal
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[11 Sep 2006|07:52pm]

4 banners I hope you like^^ There are also walls and headers with the pics and other graphics in the post.
[Arina Tanemura works] x 2
[Ouran Host Club] x 1
[Card Captor Sakura] x 1
Card Captor Teaser:

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More Banners [11 Sep 2006|05:21am]

I have 3 banners this time
1-Fullmetal Alchemist

Remember to credit me if you use any of them! ^_^
Read more...Collapse )
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FO Banner request [03 Sep 2006|02:39pm]


 Hi! I was windering if someone could make me a FO Banner using this picture:

It can be simple, just having the text "Friends only" on the top left and "Comment to be added" somewhere on it. But can it really have effort put into it? Thankyou!

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[16 Aug 2006|09:42pm]

Hello minna-san. As my first post here
[InuYasha] x 1
[Card Captor Sakura] x 1
[Chobits] x 1
[Tsubasa Chronilce] 1
[Gundam Seed] x 1
[Loveless] x 1
Note: There are also walls and headers with the same pics, so you only have to find the "FO banner" written under the prev.
1 Chobits teaser
Chobits Prev

Please comment here if you take. I really hope you like them^^</a>
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Nana FO Banners [07 Aug 2006|10:18pm]

So I have come with Nana FO Banners....

[6] Total
[1] Nana Oosaki
[1] Nana Komatsu((Hachi))
[3] Nana and Hachi
[1] Black Stones

[X] Enjoy....
[X] Comments are Loved!
[X] Credit if possible to anime_rapture....
[X] If they need to be resized, feel free to do so....

FO Banners Here....Collapse )
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Newbie - Rizelmine Banner [04 Aug 2006|06:53pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Enjoy :)

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